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About us.

The Pressure Cleaners have built a solid reputation for being dependable. We perform the pressure cleaning Cape Town residents count on again and again because they know they’re getting quality and precision work. Additionally, they know that we’re the pressure cleaner in Cape Town that routinely performs a variety of pressure cleaning jobs in both commercial and residential settings.

Our staff has a keen eye for detail, whether you need a roof cleaning, house washing, patio cleaning or even driveway cleaning. We use the highest-quality Kranzle equipment available, and we combine this is our years of industry experience to deliver exceptional results for pressure cleaning in the Western Cape area. 

Industrial pressure cleaning

Our Process

Every cleaning situation always requires different approach.

With a few simple questions we can gauge exactly what solution is right for your cleaning requirement. 


Quality Work

We pride ourselves in using as much time as the job takes to get the quality finish we have been know to provide. 


Years of Experience

With many years experience in the cleaning industry we bring a wealth of knowledge to tackle any job. 

High-Quality Equipment

The Pressure Cleaners use only the best commercial equipment available on the market.  


Attentian to Detail

Attention to to detail is key for our operation to ensure the highest quality clean possible.  


Benefits of  Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning comes with a variety of benefits for your home or business. You want your space to look the best it can, and THE PRESSURE CLEANERS can help.

  • Prevent Costly Repairs– Pressure cleaning allows you to see and fix small repairs before they turn into a huge problem. Mould, bird droppings, algae and dirt can actually wear away at your building or structure. Having routine pressure cleaning in Cape Town can help keep your repair costs low.

  • Improve Curb Appeal – Get rid of any clinging dirt, grime or scuff marks and make your building or floor look like new again! It can actually help to give your building a price boost with a shot of curb appeal. Additionally, your clients, family or employees will enjoy working in a clean environment.

  • Get Hard to Reach Areas – Your building or home has hard to reach areas that most likely don’t get regular cleanings. These tight areas are where mould and mildew thrive, and you want to remove them before they spread.

  • Saves Time – You’re busy, and manually cleaning areas can quickly eat up any excess time you or your staff may have. Pressure cleaning is very fast and efficient, and we’ll work to complete the project while working around your schedule to save you even more time.

Let us clean something for you.

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